Introducing URRACO mobile heavy-duty shredders from Lindner America LLC

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urraco mobile heavy-duty shredder industrial 95DKWe’re proud to announce that we’re now offering the URRACO line of mobile heavy-duty shredders from Lindner America LLC. The URRACO shredders are dual-shaft, low-speed, high-production shredders that are ideal for large scrap metal processors, tire recycling, construction and demolition, landfill compaction, waste haulers, and auto recycling.

The URRACO 95 and 75 are available in self-propelled and stationary diesel-powered models, and also as electric-powered stationary models. The URRACO 75 is also available as an onsite towable diesel-powered version.

The URRACO 95 DK is a CAT diesel-powered shredder with 770 HP and a capacity of well over 100 tons per hour when processing C&D or similar waste. There are a variety of shafts available that are optimized for different materials and that can be easily exchanged.

URRACO mobile heavy-duty shredders have many features and benefits that aren’t available in other heavy-duty shredders:

  • Two movable, tilting hoppers help feed and manipulate materials to the tool shafts. The hoppers help hold materials in place during shredding, and also help manipulate materials if bridging occurs.
  • Multiple shaft designs are available for shredding many different types of material. The unique shaft mounting system is optimized for the fastest and easiest shaft changes in the industry.
  • Fuel tanks are placed on both sides of the shredder processing area, eliminating the need for doors and allowing for easier access.
  • The discharge conveyor system is in three sections, which allows the conveyor to be folded up and over the machine into the infeed hopper. This makes the overall length of the equipment less than competing machines. The conveyors are constructed of galvanized steel, making them resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain.
  • The optional ferrous overbelt magnet has a 30% higher Gauss rating than competing machines. Lindner’s adjustable height Magnet Mounting systems mean that the magnet is always parallel with the discharge conveyor.
  • The large, colour screen on the operations panel makes the screen easier to see in sunlight.

urraco long island new york landfill heavy-duty shredder industrial recyclingLindner America recently demonstrated the URRACO 95 DK in action at a landfill in Long Island, New York. Clients from the area who attended the demonstration were very impressed with the performance of the shredder.

Contact us to learn more about the URRACO mobile heavy-duty shredders and/or to arrange to see a demonstration of the equipment. For more information about how to buy the right waste recycling equipment, download our free guide.

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  1. We are starting a recycling program across Haiti. We would like a price on a stationary . Our goals are more in the 3 to 5 ton/H . Can you propose a smaller unit

    Robert Smith on said:
    • Hello Robert. Thanks very much for your question. We can definitely recommend a unit for your recycling program. I’ll get in touch with you by email this morning.
      Best regards,

  2. do have solution for truck and bus gear Aluminium Engine
    capacity about 4-5 Tons per hrs.
    Please send your model and price and GA drawint for the same

    Rajbir Singh on said:

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