Introducing the new TRHE Two Ram High Efficiency Series balers from IPS Balers

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We’re pleased to introduce an innovative new line of TRHE balers from IPS Balers: the Two Ram High Efficiency Series balers. These multi-material balers represent a new era of processing material more efficiently, without sacrificing bale weights or throughput.ISP Two Ram High Efficiency

Proven piston-pump hydraulics technology

The IPS Two Ram High Efficiency balers feature proven aircraft-style hydraulics, which operate at 5,000 PSI instead of 3,000 PSI typically found in conventional two-ram balers. The increased hydraulic pressure allows these balers to achieve higher throughput in a smaller footprint than standard two-rams. They have a lower initial purchase price and lower operating costs, requiring less horsepower, fewer pressure filters, and smaller diameter hydraulic cylinders to achieve the same performance as conventional two-ram balers. This results in energy savings of approximately 25 – 30%.

Bale weights up to 1,550 lbs. for OCC

There are six models available of the IPS Two Ram High Efficiency balers, offering production rates up to 14 tons per hour and bale weights of up to 1,550 lbs.  for OCC.

TRHE BailerOther benefits of these new balers include:

  • A smaller footprint. These balers take up approximately 60% of the space of a conventional two-ram baler of similar throughput. This allows you to save space in your facility.
  • Quick and easy installation, which allows the baler to go from the truck to production faster than any baler in its class.
  • The largest feed openings in its class. The TRHE-750-50 model is the only high-pressure two-ram baler with IPS Baler’s patented articulating sidewall. This gives it the largest feed opening (60 inches long by 50 inches wide) of any baler in its class. The hinged sidewall virtually eliminates shearing and reduces running costs by 40%.
  • Wye-delta soft start, which reduces the power inrush and extends the life of the motor.
  • On board PLC with 15 material recipes and diagnostics.
  • Automatic operation, which eliminate full-time operators.
  • Optional Smart ReportTM data collection system, which creates reports that can integrate with your back office.
  • Optional ethernet connection that allows for remote trouble-shooting directly with the manufacturer.
  • Bale separation door and tongue-and-groove floor are standard features.

Contact us to learn more about these innovative new balers. For more information about how to buy the right waste recycling equipment, download our free guide.

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    Please give us pricing on you baler .

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