Introducing BACE vertical balers

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BACE REC vertical balerFor a long time, we’ve been looking for the highest-quality vertical balers at the most competitive prices to offer our customers. We’re proud to announce that we’re now representing the full range of vertical balers from BACE Corp.

Why we chose BACE

BACE specializes in vertical balers. Their design innovation and manufacturing expertise are focused on developing the highest-quality vertical balers in the industry. As a result, they are the largest-volume manufacturer of vertical balers in North America. This allows BACE to offer high-quality balers at very competitive prices.


As a result of this specialization:

  • XHD RAM PRESS BACE vertical baler CONVEYORBACE is able to offer a very wide range of balers, from smaller stockroom balers to extra heavy-duty balers with a compact force up to 150,000 pounds. This means there is a BACE vertical baler that’s right for every customer.
  • BACE has an extremely efficient manufacturing process that allows them to offer a quicker lead time than other manufacturers – in most cases, two to four weeks from order to shipment.
  • BACE has so much confidence in the quality of their products, they can offer the best warranty available in Canada by far:
    • one year on parts and labour
    • an additional two-year parts warranty on the pump, motor, cylinder and directional valves on most models
    • a ten-year warranty on the frame on most models.

BACE’s focus on vertical balers has led to innovations such as:

  • The Weighing Baler with a built-in digital scale that weighs each bale before it is ejected, before moisture and other factors can affect its weight.
  • The SmartBaler System™, which allows the weighing baler to keep track of the number of bales produced. It integrates with production management software to measure exact bale weights as they’re ejected from the baler, and notify recyclers when bales are ready for pick up.
  • The Export Baler, which creates bales that are optimized for the maximum load density in standard shipping containers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you more details about BACE vertical balers and their unique features, and how they can help you maximize profit in your recycling business. Contact us if you have any questions about BACE balers or any other equipment. For tips to help you buy the right recycling equipment, download our free guide.

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