We offer a comprehensive range of industrial shredders from Lindner America. These industry leaders meet all the requirements we look for in a manufacturing partner. They have stable business histories and solid reputations. Their equipment is well suited for Canadian recycling operations and can handle the waste materials that Canadian recycling operations process.

urraco mobile heavy duty shredder

URRACO 95 DK heavy-duty mobile shredder

Types of shredders we offer:

We offer shredders for the following materials:

OCC, paper, documents, plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other types), non-ferrous metals,  tires, electronics (e-waste), aluminum and tin cans, textiles, cosmetics, wood, carpet, and municipal solid waste.

We’ll help you choose the right shredder, along with any optional extras and supporting equipment such as conveyors. Our service includes installation, start up and testing, and operator training. We can also help you find financing.

We offer factory-approved parts and service, and can set up a custom preventive maintenance program to keep your shredder running at its best.

To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next shredder, please contact us.


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