RCI Dryclone Photo 1 web cropClick here for the Dryclone® Air Drying System brochure.

The Dryclone® Air Drying System from Resource Converting (RCI) is a revolutionary air drying system for wet semi-solid materials. Dryclone uses a high-velocity air stream and physical impaction to separate water mechanically from the feedstock material. Dryclone systems can reduce feedstock moisture content from over 75% moisture content to less than 15%. Dryclone is a cleaner, lower cost, and more efficient alternative to drum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, and other natural gas dryers.

Dryclone is ideal for drying most wet semi-solid materials including:


  • commingled municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • RDF
  • SRF
  • organic waste
  • food waste
  • agricultural waste
  • municipal bio-solids (sewage sludge)
  • animal manure
  • nut and citrus waste with high oil content
  • feed additives
  • corn pericarp
  • spent grain
  • paper sludge
  • woody biomass
  • anaerobic digester sludge
  • quenched incinerator ash.

Dryclone has many advantages over thermal drying systems:


  • Lower operating costs:
    • proven, rugged engineering with few moving parts
    • consistent, reliable long term operation
    • higher energy efficiency
    • easier to operate
    • no gas burner-related environmental issues.
  • Minimal loss of VOCs retains maximum energy content in your feedstock
  • Pulverizing action can achieve size reduction and blending of feedstock
  • Modular design is easily scalable as your operation grows
  • Fast startup and shutdown enables flexible operating schedule
  • No gas burner exhaust to manage
  • No liquid output to manage
  • No technical adjustments required when switching feedstock materials
  • Unique licensing model protects your investment.

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