How we choose the equipment we offer

We follow a thorough review process to choose the equipment we sell. Here are some of the factors we look at when deciding what waste recycling equipment to offer:

Best fit for Canadian recycling operations

We sell to customers located in Canada, so we need to make sure that the waste recycling equipment we offer:

  • Can handle the waste materials that Canadian recyclers process
  • Will be able to meet new requirements as recycling regulations evolve
  • Complies with Canadian safety regulations
  • Is able to withstand the Canadian climate
  • Is built to operate on standard Canadian electricity supplies.

The most reputable manufacturers

We look for waste recycling equipment made by manufacturers who:

  • Have a stable business history and solid reputation
  • Understand the true cost to customers of downtime, and make reliability their top priority
  • Favour manufacturing in-house over outsourcing
  • Use common-stock parts rather than custom made, when possible
  • Maintain the highest standards of quality control
  • Offer the best warranties and warranty support
  • Have a policy of continuous improvement
  • Are committed to design innovation combined with rigorous testing.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Most importantly, we only choose equipment that will contribute the most profit to your business over its useful life: the right recycling equipment.

Material our equipment can process

We offer a broad range of equipment to process all these recyclable waste materials: OCC, paper, plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and other types), non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, tires, electronics (e-waste), glass, cans, copper wire, auto trim, rubber, fiberglass, rock wool, textiles, steel and aluminum turnings, cosmetics, wood, carpet, and municipal solid waste.

To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next recycling machine, please contact us.