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Dryclone SRF including organic waste

Developing countries around the world are looking for better sources of renewable energy to replace coal. Municipal solid waste (MSW) has great potential as a renewable energy source that grows in line with the population. However, MSW in developing countries is typically very high in wet organic content. This means that until now it hasn’t been possible to recover energy from the MSW in an economically viable way. Dryclone® solves this problem.

Dryclone’s unique aerodynamic pulverization and energy-efficient drying allows you to make high-quality solid recovered fuel (SRF) from MSW including the wet organic waste. You only need to remove metals and inerts from the MSW stream.

Dryclone® SRF is an ideal renewable energy solution to replace coal. It also enables elimination of landfill.

MSW including wet organic waste before Dryclone

Dryclone can dry the entire MSW stream (less metals and inerts) from over 75% moisture content down to 15% or lower. The pulverized and dried organic material in Dryclone SRF has a higher energy content and lower ash content than the fibre fraction in MSW. This helps to increase the overall energy content while reducing the chlorine content by weight.

Countries that haven’t yet started down the path of recycling have a unique opportunity. Instead of going through the years of difficult infrastructure and behaviour changes needed to implement successful recycling programs, these countries can jump right into renewable coal replacement with Dryclone SRF.

The benefits of Dryclone SRF include:

  • Elimination of future landfill by using the entire waste stream (except for metals and inerts).
  • The opportunity to mine existing landfill.
  • Employment opportunities for scavengers and others who struggle to make a living from the waste stream.
  • The option to recycle certain types of plastic when their market value is greater than the value they’d provide as energy content in the SRF.

    Dryclone Drying System

REC can introduce funders for investible projects in developing countries that need Dryclone. For example, we are currently in negotiations at the national level with a developing country to install Dryclone SRF plants throughout the country. The plants will provide sustainable coal replacement and eliminate landfill.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dryclone can accelerate your transition from coal to renewable fuel.

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