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With China closing its doors to lower-grade recyclables, and with composting programs continuing to underperform, keeping this material out of landfill is becoming an increasing challenge.

The largest problem has always been moisture content.

What if you could turn all this waste (except for metals and inerts) into high-quality SRF without having to separate it, and without the need for complex gas-powered dryers and associated permits?

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You wouldn’t have to landfill any of it.

The Dryclone® Drying System is a revolutionary air drying system for wet semi-solid materials that uses a high-velocity air stream and aerodynamic pulverization as well as evaporation to drive out moisture content from feedstock, from up to 75% to less than 15%. Dryclone is a cleaner, lower-cost, and more efficient alternative to drum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, and other gas dryers. It works with all waste that has the potential to be converted into energy, including: organic waste, MRF residuals, comingled MSW, sewage sludge, and agricultural waste.

Dryclone eliminates the need to separate wet waste from your SRF line. The only requirement is to remove metals and inerts; everything else can go into your SRF. In fact, keeping organics such as food waste in the SRF stream improves the product quality, because post-Dryclone, these materials have higher energy content and lower ash content than the fibre component of MSW or mixed residuals.

Get rid of ineffective composting programs, eliminate the transportation and disposal costs of organic waste, black bag waste, and MRF residuals, and instead turn your waste streams into high-quality SRF.

Recycling Equpment Canada is the exclusive distributor for Dryclone in Canada. Contact us today to find out how Dryclone can cut your disposal costs.

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  • aneesh sambasivan


    I’m Aneesh from India. I’m a farmer. I like to make feed from chicken wastes, slaughter wastes and fish wastes. But i understood that setting a normal rendering plant need high investment. Do you have a cost effective business model. Lot of opportunities here in this field. My first target is to make a low cost feed from these wastes. Already I’m collecting daily 4000 kg wastes from near market. After just coocking i give it to fish.
    First set a small unit of waste recycling unit. After get some experience expand my business. Huge opportunity in this field.

    Pls guide me


    Haritha Multi Farms

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