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Moisture content has always been a barrier to maximizing profit from many waste streams. The problematic moisture content is mainly contained in the cell structure of organic materials. Conventional mechanical and thermal dryers like belt, drum, and liquidized bed dryers can’t open the cell structures of organic material and remove the moisture inside. Any dryer with mechanical pulverizing will typically make a paste at moisture contents over about 30%.

Dryclone® is a game changer because it uses only aerodynamic pulverization to shear open the cell structure of organic materials and remove the moisture inside the cells. The aerodynamic pulverization, combined with the huge volumes of high-velocity air, enables Dryclone to thoroughly dry all kinds of materials in a much quicker and more energy efficient way than conventional dryers. Dryclone can reduce moisture content from up to 75% to less than 15%. It can process most waste materials, including organic waste, MRF residuals, commingled MSW, sewage sludge, and agricultural waste, and eliminates the need to separate out wet organics.

So what does this mean in practice? Dryclone gives you opportunities for significant cost savings in two key areas:

    1. Removing the moisture content of the organic waste results in a significant weight reduction of between 30 and 70%, reducing transportation and disposal costs accordingly.
  1. 2. Dryclone’s aerodynamic pulverization and drying capabilities give you significant additional cost savings because the product won’t have to go to landfill. For example, if you’re working with mixed waste, Dryclone produces high-quality solid recovered fuel (SRF) for use in cement kilns and waste-to-energy applications. In the case of single waste streams like industrial food waste, the product could be used in fertilizer or animal feed, as well as energy recovery. In both cases, the off-taker fees would be much lower than landfill costs.

So wherever the moisture content of waste streams prevents you from achieving good outcomes, Dryclone will increase your profits by reducing landfill and creating valuable products.

Contact us today to find out how Dryclone can increase your profits from waste.

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