Another good reason to buy your baling wire from REC

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single loop bale ties baling wireWhen new customers contact us to get a quote for baling wire, they often ask us about the advantages of buying baling wire from us. We usually point them to our blog post from last year, “Not all baling wire is created equal: What to look for the next time you buy baling wire.” In that post, we set out a number of reasons why shopping for baling wire on price alone can be a mistake, such as:

  • Cheaper single-loop baling wire can be inconsistent in gauge, length and count per bundle. It can be difficult to feed and tie, and may snap under pressure, leading to wasted ties and broken bales.
  • Lower-quality double-loop ties can stretch or snap more easily, causing bale distortion and breakage.
  • Automatic baling wire that is of lower quality can cause damage to your wire tier, resulting in costly down time and repairs.

automatic baling wire_carrier stemsAnother advantage of buying baling wire from us is that we make buying baling wire as easy as possible for you. For example:

  • We can handle any order size, large or small. Other suppliers may require a minimum order quantity. So if you only need a couple of bundles of single-loop ties, it’s no problem!
  • We offer next-day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area, and delivery within two days to most other locations in Canada.
  • Placing an order with us couldn’t be easier. Just call us at 866-496-4955 or send us an email and let us know what you need. Once you’re a regular customer, it’s as easy as calling and saying, “Just send me the same order as last time!”
  • We offer multiple ways to pay, including credit card and Interac.

So not only can you be assured that you’re getting the highest-quality bale ties and baling wire available, your life will get a little bit easier.

Contact us for a baling wire quote. For tips to help you buy the right recycling equipment, download our free guide.

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