Multi-purpose shredders

Dual-shaft, low-speed, high-torque shredder machines for medium to large recycling operations

Our multi-purpose shredder machines have a low-speed, high-torque power unit. The unit drives hook shear blades made of high-alloy, heat-treated steel mounted on hexagonal shafts. Multi-purpose shredders from Jordan Reduction Solutions are ideal for shredding plastic, carpets, wood, paper, electronic waste, pharmaceuticals, aluminum cans, PVC, vinyl, textiles, extrusion scrap, general refuse, steel turnings and aluminum turnings.

We’ve highlighted key features of our shredders below to help you identify the right multi-purpose shredder for your recycling business. To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next recycling machine, we invite you to download our free guide, Your guide to buying the right recycling equipment.

FeaturesMS-1714 MS-1714 MS-2817 MS-2817 MS-4220 MS-4220 MS-4526 MS-4526
Motor HP 10205075
Shred width 5/8"1 3/16"1 3/16"1 1/2"
Feed opening 17" x 14"28" x 17"42" x 20"45" x 26"
Base dimensions 29" W x 72" L 41" W x 96" L49" W x 130" L60" W x 150" L
Shipping weight1,830 lb3,450 lb4,570 lb9,000 lb