Robust and durable metal alligator shears for small and medium recycling operations

Our shears are designed to be used in scrapyards and are robust and durable enough to handle even the most challenging work environments. The foot petal control and hold-down clamp emphasize a safe operation while providing for simple usability. Metal shears from McIntyre are ideal for cutting through copper wire, round bar, square bar, flat sheet  metal, automotive aluminum scrap, whole gear-boxes, cylinder heads and blocks, and oversized gate valves, as well as other materials such as plastic and rubber.

Below we’ve highlighted the key features of our shears to help you identify the right shears for your recycling business. To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next recycling machine, we invite you to download our free guide, Your guide to buying the right recycling equipment.

FeaturesMcIntyre 200B McIntyre 200B McIntyre model 320 McIntyre model 320 McIntyre model 407 McIntyre model 407  
Motor HP 55 (1 phase), 10 (3 phase)7.5 (1 phase), 10 (3 phase) 
Full Open Speed 9 cuts/min18 cuts/min11 cuts/min 
Quarter Open Speed 35 cuts/min70 cuts/min63 cuts/min 
Blade Length 8"12"16" 
Dimensions On Stand 44" L x 26.75" W x 52.25" H54" L x 28.25" W x 50.5" H60.5" L x 32.75" W x 45.5" H 
Tip To Tip Opening 6"7.25"10" 
Weight Full923.7 lb1,455 lb1,587 lb 
 McIntyre shear model 200mcintyre-320-shear-2mcintyre-407-shear