Product destruction

Meeting the needs of our industrial customers

As extended producer responsibility regulations are rolled out across Canada, we are seeing increased demand for product destruction and recycling systems and equipment. As a result, we are continuously adding to our range of systems and equipment. As always, we take the time to identify the best manufacturers to partner with so that we can offer you the ideal solution to your in-house product destruction and recycling needs.

Helping you design and implement the best solution

product destruction glass breaker

REM Glass Breaker

Many of our industrial customers have traditionally relied on waste haulers and recyclers to take care of their requirements. As regulations change, you may need to bring some product destruction and recycling processes in-house and implement audited processes to become compliant.

At REC we take the time to review all of your current and future product destruction and recycling needs to help you select the right equipment. We’ll help you design a comprehensive solution that meets the regulations, and then implement it for you as a turn-key package. We will continue to support you for the long term with factory trained technicians, approved parts and planned maintenance schedules.

Materials our equipment can process

We offer a broad range of product destruction equipment to process all these materials:

  • Full and empty beverage containers: fibre, gable-top, plastic, glass and metal
    Glass breakers
  • Pharmaceuticals and consumer products


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  1. Hello

    I am looking for information and quotation on product destruction machine for recycling company in Perth Australia. We currently handle liquids in glass, plastic and cardboard. Ideally want a machine which can seperate the liquids and materials. if possible different materials; such as can you throw in a carton of beer and seperate cardboard,glass and liquid? needs to process ton/hour

    Appreciate an urgent response if possible

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