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It’s that time of year again – the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo is on November 19 and 20 at the International Centre in Toronto. As always over the past year we’ve been keeping an eye on market trends and regulatory changes that could impact your recycling business. As a result, we’re introducing several new product lines that will ensure you have the right equipment to maximize profit and meet regulations in changing conditions, no matter what materials you recycle. Here’s a summary of what we’re launching at CWRE this year. We’ll have experts from these manufacturers on hand to answer all your questions.

  • Auto recycling: Several provinces are proposing new regulations for end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing. Auto depollution iris mec elv depollution equipmentwill be in the spotlight. We’re launching Iris-Mec’s range of high-quality ELV depollution equipment for removing hazardous materials from end-of-life vehicles at the show.



  • Construction and demolition recycling continues to grow. We’re very pleased to represent Lindner America’s range urraco mobile heavy duty shredderof heavy-duty mobile shredders. The URRACO series shredders are dual-shaft, low-speed, high-production shredders that are ideal for construction and demolition, as well as scrap metal, landfill compaction, and auto recycling.




  • Extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs are gathering momentum in Canada. As provincial programs are introduced, manufacturing and other sectors will need to bring in-house some recycling operations that were previously outsourced. Styrofoam (EPS) has long been a challenge to recycle cost-effectively. We’ve found the best solution with Sebright’s range of Styrofoam densifiers. No heating means no dangerous emissions, and the clever design offers three times the output density of the competition.
  • Product destruction is a hot topic these days. Many manufacturers need to destroy product and packaging that’s out of date, rejected, damaged, or returned in a reverse logistics program. We’re pleased to offer Lindner America’s versatile range of plastics shredders, which are ideal for product destruction as well as recycling.
  • Copper prices seem to be holding up well despite volatile commodity markets. With prices for bare bright #1 at around $3 per pound, copper is (almost) gold! We encourage you to look at the profit potential of high-volume copper recycling. MG Recycling copper wire granulators can handle everything from auto wiring harnesses to heavy-duty power cables at throughputs of up to one ton per hour.
  • If you’re looking to get started with lower-volume copper recycling, Copper Wire Stripper’s bench-mounted cable and wire strippers are ideal. They accurately and consistently strip copper and aluminum wire from 14 AWG to 4” cables. This year you’ll be able to see at CWS-1 in action at our booth. Make sure to stop by to see how easily the CWS-1’s one-piece hardened tool steel blade slices the insulation from scrap wire and cable for easy removal of the clean copper cores.

Stay tuned for more news about these exciting new products leading up the show.

Make sure to visit us at booth #1762. If you haven’t registered yet, join us by clicking here to get your free pass to the exhibition floor.


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