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Iris-Mec ISQ

We’re looking forward to exhibiting once again at the 2019 Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association Convention & Trade Show on March 29, 2019. This year the show will be held at the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale. Come and see us at booth B33.

We’re pleased to be returning to the trade show to showcase Iris-Mec auto (ELV) depollution equipment. REC launched
Iris-Mec equipment in Canada in 2014. Since then, our growing customer base has significantly expanded the throughput of vehicles in their operations.

Iris-Mec IBQ with visual option

We worked with Iris-Mec to develop two depollution systems that are optimized for auto dismantlers and scrap processors. These systems allow you to meet the Ontario regulations quickly and easily.

  • The ISQ is ideal for auto dismantlers. It has a compact narrow footprint, so it can be set up between two lifts, allowing you to work on two vehicles at once. The ISQ allows you to efficiently drain fluids without damaging car parts.
  • The IBQ is ideal for scrapping vehicles. It has the same features as the ISQ and includes a built-in vehicle stand with a 4,000 kg capacity. Vehicles can be placed on the stand using a front-end loader, so you don’t need to install lifts.

Key features and benefits include:

Self-supporting Iris-Mec fuel drill

  • Iris-Mec’s unique fuel extractor drill is hands-free and completely self-supporting. You don’t need a jack to hold it in place. This ensures maximum drainage because it’s always at the lowest point of the tank.
  • All other drainage tools are hands-free and self-supporting. You don’t need to wheel anything around your shop floor.
  • The ISQ and the IBQ are fully pneumatic. You only need an air compressor to operate them.
  • Iris-Mec offers an optional visual module for fuel drainage. This lets you see the fuel while it’s being extracted, so you can divert it to good or bad fuel tanks.
  • The ISQ and the IBQ are modular and expandable. They can be configured to drain all fluids that need to be removed with spare capacity to meet future requirements.

Contact us any time to learn more about Iris-Mec depollution equipment. And if you haven’t signed up yet for the OARA show, you can register here. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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