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The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association Convention and Trade Show is coming up next week. We can’t make it to the show in person this year, but we’ll be there in spirit! We’re happy to be offering special OARA show prices again this year:

10% off the list price of any order of Iris-Mec equipment over $15,000

Iris-Mec ISQ

To receive the discount, we just need your order and down payment by Friday, April 22.

The ISQ is ideal for auto dismantlers recovering parts from newer vehicles. The ISQ has a narrow, compact footprint, which allows it to fit between two lifts so that you can work on two vehicles at once. It allows for the most efficient throughput of fluid removal without damaging car parts.

The IBQ is an ideal choice for scrap dealers who are processing vehicles directly to scrap. It has the same features as the ISQ but includes a built-in vehicle stand. You can use your existing front-end loader to place the cars on the stand, eliminating the need to install lifts.

Iris-Mec IBQ

The last two years have been hard on our customers and OARA members. We understand that now more than ever you need to focus on efficient operations and increasing your productivity. The ISQ and IBQ have many features and benefits that will help you become more productive and profitable:

  • They are completely pneumatic; no electricity is required, and they meet all Canadian and Ontario safety standards.
  • All the under-vehicle drainage tools are hands-free and self-supporting. There’s nothing on casters or wheels that you need to move around the shop floor.

    Iris-Mec hands-free self-supporting fuel extractor drill

  • The unique hands-free fuel extractor gas drill is fully self-supporting, with no jack or stand required. This means it’s always at the lowest point in the tank, enabling maximum drainage. The drill also has a large-diameter sealing bellows that eliminates fuel spillage.
  • The systems are modular and can be configured to drain all fluids: gasoline, Diesel, engine oil, transmission and differential fluids, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid. Plus you can easily add modules for additional fluids, such as shock absorber fluid.
  • The optional visual inspection and diversion module lets you see the fuel while it’s being extracted so that you can divert it to good or bad fuel tanks.

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