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auto depollutionThe Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association Trade Show & Convention was held on March 27, 2015 in Toronto. This was our first year participating in the show. We had a great time and we’ll definitely be back next year!

We were very pleased by the number of people who stopped by our booth. Everyone we spoke with was very friendly, knowledgeable and interested in our products.We had two Iris-Mec depollution products on display: the PFT-MONO fuel extractor and the ISU fluid extractor. We also featured other auto (ELV) recycling products such as the Lindner auto shredders and the Eagle International car and truck tire derimmer.

There was a great deal of interest in Iris-Mec depollution products, in particular the hands-free fuel draining drill. The benefits of this drill include:

  • The large sealing bellows guarantees no spillage.
  • The built-in sight glass lets you check the cleanliness of the fuel you’re draining.
  • The self-supporting hands-free design means that it’s always at the low point of the tank you’re draining. Competitors’ drills jack up on a rigid pipe under the tank, which tends to push the tank up, causing leakage and the inability to drain the tank completely because there’s always some fuel left inside.

auto depollutionThe complete Iris-Mec product line generated a lot of interest at the show. All Iris-Mec products feature:

  • Completely pneumatic operation, which requires only shop air supply to operate.
  • A simple, modular design allows easy customization and the ability to expand.
  • The drain arm/split draining pan option lets you keep different fluids separate.
  • Pricing is highly competitive compared to the competition.

We look forward to taking auto depollution to the next level and working with Canadian auto recyclers to increase their profits in a safe, environmentally friendly way. Contact us for more information about Iris-Mec or any of our other auto (ELV) recycling equipment.

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