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The price of copper has taken a beating recently, mainly due to reduced consumption in China. However, market forecasters are predicting that the copper market will grow over the next 10 years. Over the same period, production from copper mines is expected to drop. So if you’re in the copper wire recycling business or are thinking about getting into it, it’s important to take a long-term outlook. And it’s critically important that any copper wire granulator or copper wire stripper you invest in can produce the highest volumes of the best quality output with the lowest possible operating costs.

Here’s some things to consider when looking at which copper wire recycling equipment is right for your business.

High-throughput equipment for medium to large recycling operations

High-speed, high-throughput copper wire granulators with built-in separation provide the productivity that medium to large operators require.copper wire stripper

  • Make sure that the equipment is designed to handle all types of wire that you’ll be processing. For example, auto wiring harnesses are particularly challenging. They’re covered in corrugated plastic and gluey insulation, and contain many different types of complicated plugs and connectors. If you’re going to be processing auto wiring harnesses, look for equipment that is specifically designed to handle these challenges.
  • Look for equipment that can produce the highest quality and purest output possible.
  • The equipment should be simple to operate and
    easy to maintain, with support and parts that are readily available.

We offer the full range of copper wire granulation systems from MG Recycling. MG Recycling equipment is ideally suited for high-throughput copper wire granulation. It’s capable of processing all types of wire, from very fine auto wiring harnesses to the largest solid copper power cables. MG Recycling equipment is capable of producing output with 99% purity.

Copper recycling equipment for small operations

If you’re processing lower volumes of copper wire, a copper wire stripper is an ideal solution. When you’re shopping for a copper wire stripper, here are a few things to consider:copper wire stripper

  • The blade should be made from hardened tool steel and constructed in one piece, and you should be able to resharpen the blade. Many wire strippers on the market have flimsy blades that don’t stay sharp and can’t be resharpened.
  • The parts should be precision machined, so that you’re able to set and keep an accurate cut through the wire’s insulation.
  • The machine should be easy and safe to use.
  • It should be easy to adjust to all the wire gauge sizes you’re working with.
  • Look for equipment with a good warranty and readily available spare parts.

Our copper wire strippers are easy to use, with one-piece hardened tool steel blades that stay sharp and can be resharpened. The machines are made in Canada, have a one-year warranty and spare parts are readily available. We offer three different models, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Consider financing your equipment purchase

With interest rates low, consider leasing your equipment purchase and lock into a low rate.

If you’re thinking about adding copper wire processing equipment to your recycling operations or have any questions, please contact us.

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