Cable and wire stripping machines

Rugged, CNC-machined copper cable and wire stripping machines with hardened one-piece tool steel blades for small to medium recycling operations

Our blade-based cable and wire stripping machines from Copper Wire Stripper are designed to accurate and consistently strip copper and aluminum wire from 14 AWG to 4” cables.

Below we’ve highlighted the key features of our cable and wire stripping machines to help you identify the right cable and wire stripping machine for your recycling business. To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next recycling machine, we invite you to download our free guide, Your guide to buying the right recycling equipment.

FeaturesCWS-3 CWS-3 CWS-2 CWS-2 CWS-1 CWS-1  
Motor HP Powered by cordless drill1/23/4 
Wire sizes 14 AWG - 4/014 AWG - 500 MCM14 AWG - 3" 
Throughput 100 feet/minute110 feet/minute 
Dimensions 3" W x 7" L x 9" H 
Shipping weight4 lb45 lb90 lb 
 Cable-Wire-Stripper-CW2 new
Cable and Wire Stripper CWS1 new