Closed door balers

Semi-automatic balers for smaller to medium-sized operations

Closed door balers manufactured by Maren

A closed-door baler is a type of horizontal baler where the bale is formed against a closed door at the far end of the chamber. Closed-door horizontal balers from Maren offer some of the industry’s most innovative features designed to ensure optimum performance, reliability and ease of use. Their advanced hydraulics allow more material to be processed faster with less horsepower.

We’ve selected examples of closed-door baler models and their key features below to help you identify the right closed-door baler for your recycling business. To find out what factors you should consider when purchasing your next recycling machine, we invite you to download our free guide, Your guide to buying the right recycling equipment.


FeaturesMaren 423 Legacy Series Maren 423 Legacy Series Maren ProPAK60 Maren ProPAK60   
Main cylinder 4"2 x 5.5"  
Motor HP 10, 15, 3020  
Ram face pressure Up to 3,000 psi109 psi  
Total force Up to 37,800 lb187,000 lb  
Cycle time 10 secoonds28 seconds with regen, 48 seconds without regen  
Feed opening 30", 40" or 48" x 30"54" x 40"  
Estimated bale size 42", 54" x 30" x 30"60" x 30" x 40-48"  
Estimated bale weight (OCC) Up to 1,600 lb  
Shipping weight18,500 lb  
 Maren 423 Legacy Series 2013Maren ProPAK60 baler  

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